Frailty of Crystal -The Locket - A Ticking Realm Book, Volume One


In this introductory novella, Cora Minturne, a troubled sorceress, meets Justin Langsley...the human who could be either her destruction or her salvation.

A dark and devious love story for paranormal fantasy fans looking for a whimsical twist on immortal love. If you like flawed characters, meet Cora Minturne and Justin Langsley...

Cora has a reluctant Chihuahua as a familiar, a gorgeous and vulnerable neighbor as her only human friend, and a covert assignment in the Ticking Realm. And she's just recovering from a tragic love affair, which left her reeling. She's learned the hard way that taking a human as a lover is a very bad idea. When Cora meets Justin on a business flight, she ignores her better judgement and succumbs to passion.


Now things are becoming complicated. Because Cora has secrets...deep and dreadful ones. And it turns out Justin may have a few disturbing ones of his own.