Breta Swan, once upon a time, lived in corporate America. One summer day, she discovered the mystical lands of Kellaan and Borluum and the twisted cast of characters who inhabit those realms. They called to her with their troubled stories and she listened, and began to write them down. She has never looked back.

(At least that's how I remember it...)

Books were always an obsession for me since I was a child, and my first love of fantasy romance was Camelot. To me, there was never a story quite so tragic as that love triangle, or a hero so beautiful and heartbreaking as Lancelot. Although much of what takes place in the Ticking Realm is contemporary, I believe my fascination with star-crossed love and not-so-happy endings was born from that legend. Now add my love for Gothic sagas, mysteries, and contemporary horror and romance to the mix, and somehow through that lens, the Ticking Realm came into focus for me.

Like many, I've always dreamed of writing. Frailty of Crystal-The Locket is my first published work, and I hope to provide an ongoing storyline in my upcoming ebooks that will satisfy readers who are open to a mixed genre...who yearn for paranormal stories of forbidden love that are dark, yet whimsical, with flawed and unconventional protagonists.

About Me
I live in the Midwest with my long time partner. He tries to be supportive of my writing, but has been known to roll his eyes and cringe over the behaviors of the witches and sorcerers who managed to move into his home, uninvited.

My cat is more tolerant, but jealous of the amount of time I spend in other realms (or any period of time he is pointedly ignored).

When not working to bring my characters to life, I enjoy movies, cooking, and rubber stamp art, which I've also taught.