Magic, Mystery, and Romance.

Welcome  to my website, where you will find additional information about the Ticking Realm Books, including news about upcoming releases, background details, character profiles, excerpts, sneak peeks, and book trailers .

The Ticking Realm...

...where immortality exists in tandem with the land where time is counted...where the lines between good and evil are obscure and twisted.

Throughout the ages, sorcerers and witches from other realms have been irresistibly drawn to our world, fascinated by the passion, the fear, and the sorrow of our kind. Some immortals bond with their human soulmates to find joy and everlasting love...but most find only heartache and bitterness instead. For the Ticking Realm is always uncertain, and even those with magic powers discover that happily-ever-after is as elusive as the eternal ticking of time.


"...for we have traversed frequently to that mortal land where time is counted, where heartbreak and calamity await us each with eager embrace..."  - Lord Jonah Reddpohl, High Prince of Kellaan, circa 1530


Frailty of Crystal - The Locket is the first volume in a new fantasy/paranormal romance series, the Ticking Realm Books, which chronicles the interwoven tales of the immortal realms of Kellaan and Borluum. The Locket provides a glimpse into the series' dark, whimsical world and introduces characters from Borluum who are central to the Crystal storyline. The upcoming Frailty of Silver titles will focus on characters from Kellaan.  

**Frailty of Heart episodes are coming -- intimate first person accounts and concentrated story enhancements to the Ticking Realm Books.


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